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William Close

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The Earth Harp I created honors the idea that the earth is actually creating its own tone.

William Close is part of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM project that Sennheiser has developed in collaboration with talented sound artists around the world. Let them inspire you – get involved.

William Close is the creator of hundreds of instruments that are both sonically and visually unique, including the largest stringed instrument in the world: the Earth Harp. The Earth Harp, which is comprised of a stationary resonant chamber and several brass strings measuring up to 1,000 feet, has been strung to some of the world's most architecturally unique and historic structures including the Colosseum in Rome and the Space Needle in Seattle as well as inside world-famous theaters and across valleys and mountains around the globe. In 2007, William experienced what he still refers to as ”the ultimate edit.” After a fire had destroyed all his possessions – including his home, his studio and every instrument he ever made, he struggled to move past the heart-wrenching experience. Friends and family rallied around him and William was able to rebuild several instruments in time for a Shanghai gig that came up less than a month later – including an Earth Harp whose design and construction were superior to the previous one. An eternal optimist, William says the fire ended up being a ”fruitful event” in hindsight, since his new instruments were more refined and sounded better than his earlier creations. William Close has MOMENTUM.