Erwin Stache

Erwin Stache

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For me sound is the opportunity to bestow a new purpose on objects.

Erwin Stache is part of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM project that Sennheiser has developed in collaboration with talented sound artists around the world. Let them inspire you – get involved.

Erwin Stache just loves the symbiosis of trivial objects and sound. Everyday objects, contrary to their original purpose, become instruments. "With sound you can always discover something new. I probably have a different perception of things than most people around me.“ With the mobile sonic objects created by this sound artist the wandering of sound can be experienced. Sounds moving through the city, coming from somewhere, going somewhere. Making use of public space plays a crucial part in many of Erwin Stache’s installations, thus audiences may well find themselves being turned into participators. What the graduate physicist, mathematician, and musician is really all about is to make art literally tangible and audible, and to realize ideas that include sound as well as technology. Bringing in line seemingly contradictory things like technology, aesthetics, and music. – Sound is extracted from movable things. Erwin Stache has MOMENTUM.