Out in the North

Out in the North

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We are defining the Nordic sound.

Out in the North is part of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM project that Sennheiser has developed in collaboration with talented sound artists around the world. Let them inspire you – get involved.

The Nordic culture is ‘in’ right now, and just as other countries are enthusiastic about Nordic TV series, Nordic detective novels and the delicious Nordic cuisine, there is also talk about a special Nordic sound - at least abroad. However, as a group of four Danish music enthusiasts have noted, no one in the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland has yet tried to define the Nordic sound. Therefore, Frederik Kyhn, Matias Tolstrup, Lærke Heegaard Rasmussen and Emil Smith Nielsen formed the group Out In The North (OITN) last year. Currently, they are launching the project “Finding The Nordic Sound”, so citizens of the Nordic countries may learn more about idiosyncrasies of the Nordic sound. The group has already recorded 38 audio sessions and four films for the project which has obtained financial support from the Nordic Culture Fund. OITN is touring music festivals all over the Nordic countries to meet music lovers and discover their take on the sound characteristics of the North - taking yet another step on their quest for “Finding The Nordic Sound”.Out in the North has MOMENTUM.