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I played to thousands and thousands of people. But the foundation is a real MOMENTUM in my life.

Luciano is part of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM project that Sennheiser has developed in collaboration with talented sound artists around the world. Let them inspire you – get involved.

Going global doesn't mean losing sight of where you came from. This philosophy powers “One Coin for Life”, the charitable foundation created by superstar DJ Luciano, a leading light in the global Techno and House scenes. Growing up on the tough streets of Santiago de Chile, Luciano burst out from tiny gigs to national prominence and then conquering the dance floors of Europe. For Luciano music is all about giving back – offering audiences something that's joyful and positive. It's about energy, and a global MOMENTUM. His belief is that Electronic Music is universal – part of a revolutionary culture that belongs to everyone. The decision to create a charitable foundation was rooted in this sense of a universal and positive opportunity. When touring South America, Luciano had a chance meeting and stay with an indigenous Colombian tribe. Seeing the richness and brilliance of the communities and cultures made him realize the danger that the modern, globalized way of life could erode something irreplaceable. Luciano was moved to make a change and realized the power that the global Dance Music community had to help drive this change. “One Coin for Life” was born. The foundation helps raise money through ticket sales and special parties that goes to fund facilities for education in the communities themselves, teaching both a mainstream syllabus but also the culture and values of that community. The first project was an indigenous school in the small community of Moroto in Colombia, but it has since grown to include projects in Luciano's own Chile and further afield in Kenya. For Luciano, the project has confirmed his belief that the positive energy on the dance floor could translate into a force for good that can change the lives of the world’s most threatened communities. His vision is that the revolutionary new culture of Dance Music can save cultures that have existed for thousands of years.