Joe Löhrmann

Joe Löhrmann

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There are certain moments when everything just feels right.

Joe Löhrmann is part of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM project that Sennheiser has developed in collaboration with talented sound artists around the world. Let them inspire you – get involved.

Standing in the middle of the city is a piano. Curious passers-by gather round, music flows through the street. It is during moments like these that musician Joe Löhrmann is truly happy. While most other pianos idle away in dark corners for decades, he and his “Traveling Piano” travel around Germany and the rest of the world ( In 2007, he decided to take a journey around the world – travel being his second greatest passion after music. He financed his round-the-world trip with impromptu concerts in restaurants, pubs, hotels and open-air public spaces. He discovered that making the right contacts and finding locations where he could play was a very time-consuming process; naturally – after all, musicians don’t normally take a piano with them. But breaking with convention is exactly what appeals to this 31 year old. Once he was back in his hometown of Bremen, he set to work on a solution with his father. After several months and countless hours spent modifying the design, his dream became a reality: he now had his own traveling piano on wheels. The entire spectrum of modern music can be heard in what he plays – his repertoire includes pop, soul, a touch of jazz, film music and a number of original compositions. He lets his intuition guide him when deciding what to play at his open-air concerts, most of which are impromptu events announced just a few hours before they are due to take place. Despite his nomadic lifestyle, he isn’t worried about his future. Music is what he believes in, he’s living his dream: bringing travel and music together. Joe Löhrmann has MOMENTUM.