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What’s your MOMENTUM?

Which headphones are right for you? Check out the latest models. And find your personal MOMENTUM. Unleash sound with the wireless series.


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That sounds good

Tastes vary. But test results show audiophiles overwhelmingly agree on one thing—the MOMENTUM series gets a thumbs-up.

  • Disclosure
    These headphones not only sound great, but they are so light and comfortable you forget you are even wearing them.


  • Gizmodo
    Sennheiser has clearly done its research here, picking out some of the big colour trends of the moment for its new cans, which are available in pistachio, cream, blue and pink. Trimmed with Alcantara - the material that crops up in high-end sports cars and yachts - they are an absolute pleasure to look at.


  • GQ
    Minimalistic shape, high quality, excellent sound: With MOMENTUM, Sennheiser provides the perfect headphones for those who do not compromise on design and sound.



Pathmaker for new sound. The MOMENTUM artists

  • Play New Project

    Nigel Stanford

    There is a brain affliction called synaesthesia where people can see audio and I think I have a form of that – I see bass frequencies as red and high-end sounds as yellow and white. For me, sound and visuals are intertwined – they are one and the same thing.

  • Yuval Sharon

    I want to erase the boundary of inside and outside a car, and make the whole city of Los Angeles feel more connected than ever.

  • Gregory Porter

    I want to continue on this journey – not just to blur lines of genre but also blur the wall that sometimes exists between the audience and the artist.

  • Eklips

    I’m creating a multi-instrumental album. The challenge? It’s based on my vocals alone.

  • Imogen Heap

    There’s only one thing better than playing an instrument: being one yourself.

  • Pedro Reyes

    I take objects made for killing and transform them into instruments for creativity.

  • Disclosure

    Working together as brothers works for us – you can always straight up say what you think.

  • Dave Hakkens

    I want to improve the world. Step by step. Blok by blok.

  • Di Mainstone

    Others play the piano. I play bridges.

  • Nik Nowak

    I get a real thrill from pushing the boundaries, from knowing that everything that lies ahead is unchartered territory.

  • Alexandra Soumm

    I want to touch people with classical music – whether I’m performing in a prestigious opera house or in a homeless shelter.

  • Luciano

    I played to thousands and thousands of people. But the foundation is a real MOMENTUM in my life.

  • Jason Sweeney

    Nothing is more exciting than quiet. That’s where the best ideas originate.

  • Amaranthe

    We don’t make heavy metal, nor do we make prog rock. We make Amaranthe.

  • Panono

    The world isn’t flat, so why should our memories be?

  • Pressy

    We’re taking the world as it is – and make it what we want it to be.

  • Of Verona

    You just have to keep doing it. You can’t listen to people who tell you not to.

  • Rafa Sardina

    As an audio engineer, you won’t make anybody feel unless you feel it somehow.

  • Yuval Sharon

    Art can really open up new realities in ways that we can’t possibly expect.

  • Gingger Shankar

    I am just inspired to be making music all the time and not so worried about which box I fit into.

  • We Invented Paris

    We did a couch surfing tour through Europe where we played concerts in people’s living rooms.

  • Noé Two

    I am going further in my own style to develop a unique painting.”

  • Ron Flieger

    The journey is very important to me. It’s definitely about movement, about dynamics, about pushing yourself.

  • Colleen D´Agostino

    Once you find out what you are passionate about, you need to run with it and let that MOMENTUM build.

  • Bruno Zamborlin

    I’m breaking the barriers between the physical and the digital world.

  • Pranav Lal

    I’m pushing boundaries; not only for myself, but also for everyone else.

  • Kodály Method

    Music is for everyone.

  • Tom Thum

    My entire life revolves around sound; making sounds, hearing sounds and being a sound.


    Welcome to a new reality.

  • Daniel Mananta

    I want to experience everything. I was a VJ, entertainer, producer – and now I’m a fashion designer.

  • Zouk

    At our nightclub, we believe in the spirit of ‘One World, One Music, One Tribe, One Dance’

  • William Close

    The Earth Harp I created honors the idea that the earth is actually creating its own tone.

  • Erwin Stache

    For me sound is the opportunity to bestow a new purpose on objects.

  • 22tracks

    We make sure local music talents are heard by the world.

  • Out in the North

    We are defining the Nordic sound.

  • Jochim C Redeker

    Sound design comes from the heart because sound triggers emotions.

  • Erdmöbel

    We often notice that we're very different from other bands, that our music has a unique flavor.

  • Jerry Ross

    I would say no matter what you do, grab onto something - take your passion, follow it and run with it.

  • Joe Löhrmann

    There are certain moments when everything just feels right.

  • Eklips

    ”My plan for today? Breaking a world record.”

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